Half Moon Earrings
Half Moon Earrings
Made in Toronto

Half Moon Earrings

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These one-of-a-kind dangling earrings are made of mixed materials. They are lightweight and make a bold statement. Inspired by art deco geometrical shapes and boho muted colors.

  • Silver plated posts and backing
  • Comes with a gift box


  • The gold plated chain measures 4 cm long and the earring is 6 cm long overall
  • The pendant measures 3.5 cm wide by 1.75 cm high
"Ampris Loves started off as a creative outlet to share the accessories I made to pair with outfits and my love for vintage. As time goes by, making becomes a habit of mine and an enjoyable means to calm and relax. Sometimes I start creating new items by having the entire collection of different materials laying all around. Certain pieces jump out and wink, whisper, sparkle, or wave to me, hinting to be mix-n-matched! The mix of shapes, textures and finishes always brings surprise and amazes me, the fun and possibilities are endless. I hope the women who wear my pieces also find the uniqueness in the mixed materials and feel the joy I had making them.
Fun fact: I do not have any piercings but just love making earrings, they're so much fun!"

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