Wall and Wonder

Lisa Pineau

Hello! Wall + Wonder is owned by me, Lisa Pineau. For as long as I can remember I have been creating.  Eventually, my passion for arts and crafts transitioned from a hobby into a fruitful career. I am blessed and humbled by this incredible journey!
In 2014, my original Etsy shop, Storybird Prints, took off faster than I expected and in 2015, I decided to strategically rebrand and expand my product line... Wall + Wonder Home Decor was born.
My ideal day includes a little family time outdoors, creative time spent designing prints, some me-time with a latte strolling through Chapters, an evening with friends and a glass of red wine. And if I can find time to read a good book while snacking on some salted chocolate, well that's just the perfect day. I have two kids. A daughter who is 11 and a 2 year old son who is home with me full-time. Working with a toddler who wants to “help” all the time is a challenge but I’m so grateful to be able to control my time and spend lots of time with him.
My goal is to bring you trendy, inspiring, meaningful and stylish prints and home accessories. I want your pretty purchase to truly be decor that means more.