Lost and Faune

Michelle and Christine 

"We make jewelry inspired by stories, traveling and precious memories! Lost is all about looking for the right direction, getting out of your comfort zone, exploring and taking leaps of faith. Faune represents the landscapes, the familiar faces and the wilderness that allows us to remember where we come from.
We work in an open space, surrounded by plants, where we talk a lot and make decisions as a team. We have a wall covered in jewelry, walls with funny quotes, and a sleeping bulldog, which makes for great energy!" 
What do you excel at?
Michelle: organizing, finding solutions, planning, accounting, doing the splits, saying « NO » to useless expenses and taking risks!
Christine: foreseeing trends, finding amazing materials to create new styles, eating brownies, being super fast at jewel assembly, telling NSFW stories and making people laugh! 
What is the best advice you have received?
Michelle: During my first internship with Stomp Records, I asked them why they were so nice and chill. My supervisor told me "there’s no need to be an asshole". I always apply this with my colleagues.
Christine: Life is too short to not eat this cake!
What is your morning routine at the office?
Coffee to start the day, funny stories or decision making, e-mails, customer service, to-do listing, making sure social media accounts are fine, making amazing jewelry and petting the bulldog :)